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Disco Ball

Magic Hour:

The Murder Mystery Disco!

Written & Directed by Will Jackson, produced by Quick Duck Theatre.

There’s a murder on the dance floor and we need you to solve it.

There are rumours of a planned assassination

taking place at the infamous Club de Pompidou.

Come and infiltrate the nightclub, grill its staff

and clientele and see if you have what it takes

to find out who’s behind the crime.

Magic Hour is an interactive, farcical, queer thriller

where audiences played undercover detectives

in a night club. The show engaged with families

of LGBT+ children in Birmingham at a critical point

during the protests against LGBT-inclusive education in 2019.


Supported by New Diorama Theatre, it won awards for Best

Ensemble & Singularity of Vision at the National Student Drama

Festival where Quick Duck Theatre also performed a drag cabaret

club night at Leicester Curve.


With ghosts, time-machines and a killer on the loose there's no time to lose... 

Your Disco Needs You!

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